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The Friends of the Albany Library used all their letters and hit all the triple scores. Saturday’s Book Sale raised $2,263.31. Bonus points to all the Volunteers, Helpers and SHOPPERS!!! You know who you are 🙂


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Thanks to ALL the donors and shoppers, putter-uppers and taker-downers, one-time volunteers and frequent Friends! Though it was a knock-out success, Marsha and the clean-up crew were still standing on the following Monday morning!

Additional donations of books were set aside for Local Educators, the Troops, Overseas Schools, and Inmates at the County Jail.

The Friends of the Albany Library, (see them in action below,) raised the staggering sum of


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Last night’s Friends of the Albany Library Annual membership meeting was a huge success featuring local cookbook authors Robin Donovan and Juliana Gallin who inspired everyone with their Lazy Gourmet style of cooking, and provided delicious treats. Albany Library’s Circulation Manager, Paula Greer, baked one of her traditionally beautiful cakes which was also enjoyed by all.

We thanked outgoing president Caryl O’Keefe who has led the Friends during the past four years through some very productive times. She will continue to serve on the Friends Board in the role of Immediate Past President. Thanks also to outgoing Vice President Ann Jennings who was responsible for the planning of this program and several other wonderful programs in the past. Ann gives special thought to local authors and great topics. This year’s program even had door prizes!

We are grateful to the people who are continuing in the other officer positions: Beth Pun, Recording Secretary; Betty Shinnerer, Corresponding Secretary and Alan Riffer, Treasurer. Each of these people has contributed greatly over the past years towards the success of the organization. We welcome Liz Keiley-Roark as the new President and Marsha Skinner as the new Vice President. Both Liz and Marsha put in hours of time, along with Joan Larson and other volunteers towards the success of the Friends book selling operation. Eve Nilson continues to lead the group in effective online sales;  and Hank Olson is an interested new member who has been working with Friends on policy and procedures. It was great to have Jeanne Perkins and Clara-Rae Genser at the meeting – both have been involved with the Friends for many years.

It continues to be my personal pleasure to work with this amazing group of dedicated volunteers. They all make a big difference in how library service is delivered in Albany.

Ronnie Davis,  Albany Library Manager

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21 Friends of the Library donated their week-end to run the March Booksale featuring CRV books from their treasure trove downstairs. Thanks to all those who donated books to the cause and those who worked so hard during the sale.

storage and set up

Life Magazines were available with covers ranging from Natalie Wood to the Kent State shootings. The sale included Chateaubriand’s Memoirs (without the steak!) and Thomas Moore’s poetical works in 10 volumes.

shopping at the sale

Old favorites appeared in the sale, as well. Some of the titles are shown below:

double diamonds and lucky girls

The Friends of Albany Library invite you to the large 2-room, 2-day sale on

Saturday and Sunday, May 15-16, from 10-4.

some Friends selling books

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Over 60 people came together last night to celebrate the publication of Images of America: Albany.  Karen Sorensen showed pictures and newspaper articles from Albany’s history, and of course there was cake.


The Friends of the Albany thanked outgoing President Clara-Rae Genser and elected new president Caryl O’Keefe.


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When I was a young working mom, and had to miss my children’s bedtime, my kids would ask if I was going to a “meeting with cake.”

Tomorrow night, at 7:30 p.m.,  the Friends of the Albany Library and the Albany Historical Society will celebrate the publication of Images of America: Albany.  Author Karen Sorensen will present some of the photographs from the book, there will be book signing, and – a special cake.

So, come and celebrate and eat cake – and yes, if there is cake left over, you may take home an extra piece or two for the ones you left at home.

Here are some of the cakes created by Circulation Supervisor Paula Greer for previous meetings. (Tomorrow night’s cake will be on the blog on Thursday.)

leonard-chang-mystery-cakeresized.jpg    g-of-wrath-cakeresize.jpg   red-scarf-girl-cake2.JPG

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