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This column appeared in the Journal on March 7, 2008. Past columns can be read at juliewinkelstein.com

“Then we played horses with my other bestest friend named Lucille…And we all runned to Room Nine speedy quick…” From Sara Park’s “Junie B. Jones and Some Squeaky Peeky Spying” 

One of my first assignments as a member of an American Library Association committee has been to help annotate a list of early readers, so teachers, parents, librarians and children can know in advance a little about the books. It’s not always easy to summarize a book in one sentence, but nonetheless, I like doing it. I’ve had some experience with this, since one of my children’s literature library school classes required us to read 10 books a week and write a brief description of each one. I remember how satisfying it was to see how many words I could get into a sentence without making it cumbersome or difficult to read. (more…)


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