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Return of the Urban Sketchers!

Original! Fresh! Drawn locally! What could be more “Albany” than art work from our home-grown Urban Sketchers. Today we learned that Urban Sketching is a world-wide phenomenon with pockets of pen-wielding artists recording life in cities all over the world. The movement started in 2007–and while it pulls people away from computer screens to draw their subjects in the open air–it depends upon the connectivity of the internet to share the art with others. Check out the great Bay Area site here:


Cathy McAuliffe presented the topic to our YMCA/Library Speakers Forum. She, herself, likes to unwind over a sketchpad after a day working in front of a computer screen. Cathy’s compatriots were in the audience and it was a treat to hear their added perspectives and see their work projected on the screen.

The talk ended with a short “sketch-crawl” in and around the library. Audience members fresh from their exercise class at the Y were able to invigorate their imaginations by drawing the people and objects they saw around them. Thanks, Cathy, for the invitation to step outside and draw!


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They’re back and they’re as colorful as ever! Come see the wonderful, whimsical hearts made by Marin School’s Third-Grade Artists. See the Key to the Artists and photos of the display below. If you prefer action, spin around the stacks to the tune of a nickelodeon.

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The lyrical line passes through Albany Library. The YMCA/Library Brown Bag speakers forum hosted Salma Arastu, a Berkeley artist and writer. She recalled her life journey from Rajasthan to California. Ms. Arastu spoke of the visions of human and divine that shape her art and poetry.
Her talk centered on the struggle for peace and desire for reconciliation, illustrated by slides of calligraphic figure paintings and sculptures. Most of these works are included in her new book, The Lyrical Line. The book shows a passionate, yet considered response to the chaos in our headlines. After her presentation, she answered questions about her composition techniques and distinctive colors.

Salma Arastu display
Salma Arastu’s work

Paintings and sculpture are on display in the Albany Library through the end of April. Discover more about the artist by visiting her website at www.salmaarastu.com

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