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Henna Tattoos

Rachel-Anne Palacios taught a group of Albany teens and adults the fine art of henna tattoos. The results were stunning and the tattoos were even more fascinating as the ink disappeared, leaving the burnt-orange color. The artist mixes designs from all traditions and had a large display of photos from earlier programs. Each person had a chance to design their own patterns and then take some of Rachel-Anne’s patterns home. We definitely want to have another afternoon of Henna tattooing.





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Solar-powered math study

Check out by hand!

Well, you may need electricity to read this blog, but, for one brief silent moment on Saturday–the computers, lights and gadgets all shut down. And we all had a marvelous time!

Origami Peace Pole (with wishes in many languages)

Smiles in the aisles

Design team unplugged!

A downed utility pole may have caused our vacation from “The Grid.” Books were checked out by hand. Reference staff dusted off their Dewey Decimal knowledge with no online catalog to help. Most enterprising of all, a teen volunteer (looking like a coal miner with security lights ablaze) unloaded the bookdrop in the dark. Three cheers for her!!!

Happy artists

Dream team: Origami workshop

Please check your records this week to see if any items on the Holds Shelf were not picked up due to the power outage. Here is a portrait of a library without power and people doing what people do best: enjoying books, art and each other. The Albany way….

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2010 Talent show featuring Hazel, Kavya, Maya, Connor, Luna, Sarbjot, Harpreet and Magical Nathaniel!

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book on the beach

As the school year winds down, the library is busily gearing up for summer. Starting June 15, summer reading games will begin for children, teens and adults. Come pick up a reading log and you’re on your way to winning a variety of fun prizes. Check out the children’s, teen and adult summer reading game blogs for more details.

On June 16, the Tuesday night family programs kick off with a sing-along party featuring Bay Area favorite Asheba playing tunes from his new CD. Storytellers, reptiles, magicians and more will be featured throughout the summer. And if you have a special talent you’d like to share with the community, sign up to be in the July 28 talent show! The dog days of summer bring the Paws to Read crew back, with real live dogs listening quietly as children read to them.

So whatever else you plan to do this summer, be sure to stop by the library and join the fun.

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Board Game Days

board-gamesOn selected Saturday afternoons, the Albany Library’s Edith Stone Room is busy with the non-electronic sound of people playing board games. Families and friends come to play with each other; single adults and kids come to hook up with a game. The Alameda County Library Foundation purchased the games which include Scrabble, Monopoly, Life, and Checkers as well as several decks of cards. The Friends of the Albany Library fund Community Center staffer Jamira Johnson who will explain the rules, and even play a game with you. 

Board Game Days are February 21, March 7, 21, April 4, 18 and May 2, 23 from 1-4 p.m.

 Free! Drop-in! Fun!

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Teens Get the Vote

Teen Read Week is under way, and now is your chance to vote for the best teen books of last year. The list of nominees, compiled by teen groups all over the country, ranges from the graphic novel Diary of a Wimpy Kid to Stephenie Meyer’s Eclipse. Many macabre and fantasy titles made the list, making them a perfect read for the Halloween month if you’re still undecided. Click the button shown above to voice your choice.

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Teen Pregnancy in the News

Between the hit movie Juno, Jamie Lynn Spears’ celebrity baby,  and the current media storm around vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s daughter, 2008 seems more like the year of the pregnant teenager than the year of the rat. Looking for ways to start a discussion with your teen about the choices and challenges that arise with an unplanned pregancy?

Here are some young adult books you might read and discuss together:

The First Part Last In this award-winning novel, a teenage father must give up his lifestyle to care for his beloved newborn daughter.

Someone Like You – Sarah Dessen’s book about a female friendship strained by an accidental pregnancy.

Don’t Think Twice – A pregnant teen comes of age in a home for unwed mothers, where she prepares to give her child up for adoption.

Borrowed Light – A 16-year-old struggles to decide what to do about her pregnancy, with little help from her ex-boyfriend or family.

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