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Paper pumpkins sprouted wings at Albany Library last Saturday during Margo’s Craft Workshop. Nimble-fingered folders also made haunted houses, graves and ghosts. Stunning turquoise and orange masks put the spook in spooky, bringing the beauty of Los Dias de los Muertos to the event.

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Library staff and Friends of the Library came together under the canopy once again for the 2011 Solano Stroll. Books were sold, games were played and prizes awarded to anyone who “took a spin” on the library wheel.

Our Mini-Mandala featured questions of great complexity like, “Can you practice your trumpet in the Library?” or “Can you read in the Library?” Kids had great fun winning the prizes though a few junior geniuses found our questions too EASY!!! (“The noive,” to quote the Cowardly Lion in the Wizard of Oz.)

The Friends’ treasurer, Alan Riffer, reports that the Stroll booksale netted $815 – a record! The library gained wonderful publicity, as well. The Stroll always includes new residents and out-of-towners who don’t know about the Treasure Chest just down the street at 1247 Marin!

Caryl O’Keefe did a great job planning and preparing for the event. Thanks to everyone who did a shift in the library booth and to all the hands behind the scenes who made it happen!

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The last show of summer! The Friends of the Albany Library brought us a wonderful line-up of special shows in 2011. Join the Friends as a volunteer or contribute your used books to the Book Sales. See our final act, Tony Borders, a ventriloquist and puppeteer. Tony used animal books from our collection to create a magical show.

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A large crowd showed up for Albany’s favorite act: Dan Chan, the Magic Man, and Kat, the Acrobat! From Charlie Chaplin impersonators to Magic Ring breakers, kids helped make the magic happen at Albany Library on July 5, 2011.

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Jumpin’ and bumpin’, the kids of Albany danced their way into


last Tuesday. Wiley Rankin’s Jump for Joy Music was the first in a series of Tuesday programs. NOTE: All programs are listed in the pdf flyer shown below and run from 6:30 to 7:30 (bedtime!) on Tuesday nights. Be there or be squared.

Tuesday Night Program Schedule

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Buggy Jam!

Calling all Folksong Fans! “I’ve Been Workin’ on the Railroad has never sounded so sweet.  If you feel at Home on the Range and you wake up whistlin’ Bring Back my Bonnie to Me, stroll on down to the Buggy Jam every Wednesday at 4:30.

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Teaching artist, Lisa Norman

Sigh…. We are soon to be without our hearts, because, well, they weren’t “ours” to begin with! Third graders at Marin School just up the street from the library were generous enough to lend all this feeling and color and beauty to us for a time. Isn’t life full of such times? Exhibits–like school years or summer camps or theatrical productions–don’t last forever.

Public art is great because it remakes a room and invites us to look places we may not have noticed. This display had us looking up toward the ceiling where all the light pours in. We just need to keep that upward feeling. Thanks to teaching artist, Lisa Norman, for thinking up this project and carting the hearts to us in her art-mobile! Thanks to the teachers and staff at Albany Schools for ALL the art they shared. We’re looking forward to more incredible displays on the shelves and walls of the library.

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