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The Friends of the Albany Library held their annual membership meeting on Wednesday, October 10.  After a short business meeting, the group’s guest speaker, Dr. Preston Maring, spoke about public health, healthy eating and the beneficial effects of Farmers’ Markets.

His statistics and personal stories showed how fresh food, prepared at home, improves health and helps the checkbook. Dr. Maring started the Kaiser Permanente Farmers Markets. These markets provide access to fresh food in communities served by Kaiser and give shoppers the added assurance of knowing how and where food is grown. Visit Kaiser Oakland’s Market on Fridays, 10-2. http://www.pcfma.com/market_home.php?market_id=9

Dr. Maring closed with a demonstration of his cooking (and chopping!) skills. The program was followed by some serious cookie consumption, thanks to the Friends!


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Book Sale Bravos: $2096.39

A super thanks to the Friends of the Library and assistants for their herculean volunteer effort this weekend. Due to an elevator outage, these Knights of the Dungeon carried box after box up from the basement to make this sale possible–over 5000 items in all. The organizational skills of FAL were in evidence once again. The sales area looked great and the rooms were full of people.

At 50-cents a piece, it’s amazing to hear the final total from the sale: 2096.39!

It’s History!

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The Numbers are In!

50-cent sale a success! Friends of the Albany Library raised $2290.06 at their July Sale. Donations after the sale were distributed far and wide. Some remainders went to the military, some to schools, some to inmates in local jails and some to other charities. FAL wants to thank the shoppers who bought books and the volunteers and students who helped with set-up and sales.

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The Friends of Albany Library had an amazing booksale last weekend, raising $7,691.57 for the programs that make this library so fun! Vintage and Collectibles were high scorers, as always. The large Community Center Hall held well-organized rows of choice picks, with 50-cent items on the tables outside.

Hidden treasures donated to the library continue to sell very well online, with some titles topping the $100 mark. (Pssst: the Friends of the Library love “signed copies.”)

Marsha Skinner and her band of merry men (high school & college students) carted tables and books from basement to the sales floor, powered by delicious donuts. Volunteer groups came and gathered donations for many great organizations–including schools, inmates and the military.

Superb weather both days made for great shopping! See happy customers and booksellers below.

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March Book Sale results!

A very big Thank You to all Donors, Shoppers and Volunteers!

We earned $2,228.75.

• The money will go to the library for programs for all ages, books and materials.
• Our next big sale is May 19 and 20, two days, two rooms. We will need lots of help. Please join us again. Ask your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors to become a Friend and help us at the sale.

Thanks again,
Liz Keiley-Roark,
Friends of the Albany Library


Friend of Albany Library, Marsha Skinner, reports that leftovers from the booksale went to incredible places and will do incredible things. Here is the list:

Alameda County Library Jails Service
Albany Senior Center
Culinary Arts program at MacGregor High
The Center For Creative Growth
Jefferson School Literacy Program
K-8 Orthodox school (Always happy to find a home for Encyclopedia Sets!)
U.S. troops stationed overseas. ( Note: We received wonderful thank you notes from Bagram Air Force Base, from other bases in Afghanistan, from a ship, from Djibouti, and ” From a rock in the … valley” for the last batch which was sent.)

The generosity of all who donate to the Albany Library booksales is appreciated far and wide.

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Thanks to ALL the donors and shoppers, putter-uppers and taker-downers, one-time volunteers and frequent Friends! Though it was a knock-out success, Marsha and the clean-up crew were still standing on the following Monday morning!

Additional donations of books were set aside for Local Educators, the Troops, Overseas Schools, and Inmates at the County Jail.

The Friends of the Albany Library, (see them in action below,) raised the staggering sum of


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September’s display case exhibit gave us a glimpse into the secret lives of our Friends of the Library. For a couple weeks last month, it took a little “aqueous humor,” or “aquatic humor” to get through the days–after water poured into their storage rooms, but they kept at it and the results were spectacular. 

If you want to join this illustrious group, come on come on Wednesday, October 5, at 7:15 pm to the annual Membership meeting. Following a short business meeting, the “food writers,” Robin Donovan and Juliana Gallin will talk about The Lazy Gourmet and give a brief cooking demonstration! There will be door prizes and cake. (Meeting in the Edith Stone Room.)

PS. If you see the newly legible tiles on the Marin side of the Library, thank a Friend.

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