On April 7, Albany City Council member, Marge Atkinson, presented a proclamation recognizing National Library Week at Albany Library.  Library manager, Deb Sica, received the proclamation with Library Board members, Alan Riffer and Karen McKeown. Come by the library and dig up a little local treasure from the shelves. Talk with staff. Attend a program.

If you happen to have overdue fines, the county library is sponsoring Food for Fines Week from April 13 to April 19. See flyer below.




Telling the Truth: a Patron’s Story

Over a hundred years ago, the Navajo holy man, Torlino, spoke the following words to Washington Matthews, (linguist and ethnographer).

I am ashamed before the earth;
I am ashamed before the heavens;
I am ashamed before the dawn;
I am ashamed before the evening twilight;
I am ashamed before the blue sky;
I am ashamed before the sun;
I am ashamed before that standing within me
Which speaks with me.
Some of these things are always looking at me.
I am never out of sight.
Therefore I must tell the truth.
That is why I always tell the truth.

I hold my word tight to my breast.

Serious words about a serious subject: the Truth! Sometimes the Truth has a lighter side. Library patron, Claudette, “came clean” about a favorite library book she’d kept for herself many years ago. Back in the Eighties she kept a copy of Purro and the Prattleberries, borrowed on her sister’s card. She liked the book so much she said it was lost and paid the library for its replacement cost. Then in 2014, her conscience got the best of her and she mailed the book back to Albany Library. The staff was astonished at her memory, as much as her honesty. (Do you remember the books you’ve squirrelled away???) See the book and letter below:

Tell Your Story: Art IS Education 2014

A theme made for a library: Tell Your Story! Last Tuesday, Art Is Education kicked off at Albany Library with a craft workshop led by Marion Coleman. Violet Juno and Cybele Gerachis assisted. Tracing their arms and outstretched hands, kids and adults fashioned a pair of arms to hold their special library books. These books were full of surprises, including pop-up hearts, origami cranes, flowers and much more. Besides taking home artwork, participants created a community storybook to display in the library. (See photos below or visit Juvie Fiction to see the art, yourself) Remember to check the Art Is Education brochure for the great events scheduled for all ages during the month of March!

Centennial Puppet Show

Meet Owlie Two Hoots and Coyote Cal, a couple of pals from 1913 Albany. See them hoot and skitter around town, finally getting to their new library to check out some good books. Cool critters have been doing the same thing for a hundred years! Old-timey music from the fabulous Internet Archive gives Coyote and Owlie something to howl about.

Read a pdf of the script:


Valentine’s Mystery Date

The staff of Albany Library invite you on a Mystery Date (not with US!) but with a book from our capacious library shelves. Color-coded for Adult, Teen and Children, the gift-wrapped mystery book can’t help but be a “Happy Valentine!” Don’t forget to leave a heart-shaped message for the library on our Reference Desk. The theme is “What I Love.” And “Take a Chance on Love” by guessing in our Candy Count! 4 winners from 4 age groups will take home a quarter of the candy and a gift card.

100 Year Birthday Bash!

On Sunday, January 26, 2014, the people of Albany celebrated the 100th Birthday of their Library! It was also the 20th Anniversary of Albany Library’s move to Marin Avenue.

Local political figures joined the crowd of well-wishers assembled in the Community Center Hall. Speakers included Assembly Member Nancy Skinner, Mayor Peggy Thomsen, Alameda County Librarian Jean Hofacket, and Congressional Aide Jonathan Gast (from Representative Barbara Lee’s office).  Kevin Jenkins represented District 5’s Supervisor, Keith Carson. (Photos courtesy of  Peggy McQuaid)

The following groups sponsored the library’s centennial celebration: the Albany Historical Society, the Friends of the Albany Library, the City of Albany, and the Alameda County Library. Albany Library Manager, Deb Sica, shared some of the highlights and hilarity of the library’s long history. Children were entertained in the Edith Stone Room with a historical puppet show featuring Owlie Two-Hoots and Coyote Cal—the first animals to get library cards at the 1913 Albany Library! Owlie also led audience members on a history tour to the library display case. The show was followed by snacks and crafts.

Many guests fondly recalled the former library on Solano—now the site of the Albany Y.  After the speeches and presentations, the Albany Historical Society donated a plaque honoring the library. Guests enjoyed cookies and cupcakes and spun the Centennial Spinner to answer trivia questions and win prizes. One trivia question reminded guests of the generosity of Edith Stone, for whom the meeting room was named.

100 years of pictures and memorabilia is housed in the library display case at the entrance to the library. Stop by and see the library in all its incarnations—from the first dark storefront on Solano to the current light-filled building on Marin. (Photos by Dan Hess & Vivian Jaquette)

Read Peggy McQuaid’s article on Patch at:


Quilters Meet Up at Albany Library

New Year! New Program! First Tuesdays of each month from 12:30-1:30 pm. Starting on January 7th, 2014

Learn tips and tricks about the art of QUILTING. Explore color, technique and textile while building community through the love of quilting! Learn new skills. Share your work. Or just come for the inspiration! All are welcome.

Albany Library is thrilled to have Angie Woolman as the instructor for this new series of programming. Angie has been teaching and working in the Bay Area for 20 years as a quilt artist and instructor. In addition to being a professional quilt artist, Angie has a long-arm quilting machine business in San Rafael where she finishes clients’ quilts with beautiful and unique custom quilt designs. In addition, she currently offers private and group lessons in a variety of experience levels, techniques, and styles. Angie is an expert on color theory and has taught extensively on the importance of color in quilt arts.

No registration required! Call for details: 510.526.3720. Sponsored by Friends of the Albany Library!



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